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FREE Top-mount Mat Centering Tool

Use these centering tools to take all the hard work out of properly centering your picture on the mat.
Tool for a #1 Mat Tool for a #2 Mat Tool for a #3 Mat
You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the templates. DOWNLOAD IT HERE FOR FREE.

If you can not open the templates, right click on the link with your mouse and select "save target as". Save to your desktop or another location you will easily remember.

1. Print the centering tool, for the size of mat you are using, on plain white paper. Trim off the excess paper from the edges.

2. Trim out the paper on the inside area of the centering tool along the dotted lines. this will make the centering tool a large open U shape.

3. Choose a free mat from this site or make your own mat from colored paper or other similar material.

4. Once the mat has been trimmed to size to fit into a Mat'N'Frame magnetic frame, lay the appropiate size centering tool on top of the mat, face up with its edges matching the mat's edges.

5. Place a small piece of double-faced tape on the front of the mat inside the open area of the centering tool.

6. Peel off the paper from the double-faced tape to reveal the adhesive.

7. Using the lines and numbers on the face of the centering tool, center the picture on top of the centering tool.

8. You may want to raise the photo up from the bottom just a bit, allowing more mat to show at the bottom giving it a little more weight. This can be pleasing to the eye and is the usual custom when framing a picture.

9. When you are satisfied with the placement of the art or photo, press down over the area where the double-faced tape is to secure the picture to the mat. Once secure on the mat, slide the centering tool away from the mat and photo by way of the opening in the center of the tool.

10. Now slide the picture and mat into the magnetic frame to be displayed on any magnetically recceptive surface.

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The photo and art mats on these pages were created to be used free of charge by individuals for personal use only. They are copyrighted in the year 2002 by David B. Lytle and also fall under patent laws protecting his line of magnetic photo and art frames. All content is property of David B. Lytle Products Inc. The mats may be used without permission but may not be reproduced for sale or any other for profit enterprise or added to another web site.