Magnetic Photo Frames by LYTLE
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David B. Lytle designed his Original Soft Pocket Magnetic Frames in 1989 followed by many styles and sizes. Display art and photos on any wall with our Magnetic Paint. Use our Self adhesive magnet sheets to turn any flat item into a permanent magnet. Our magnetic vent covers are a great way to stop a draft or redirect air flow in your home or office. Call us with questions or custom orders. 724-352-3747

Magically Magnetic Paint Magically Magnetic Paint - Pre-measured, dry paint additive stirs into your white primer/sealer paint. Magnetic paint mixes white and dries white.

mag-frames.jpg Magnetic Photo Frames in many popular styles - All popular photo sizes available in many different styles. Magnetically display your favorite photos on a steel surface. Custom sizes available. Call for a quote.

Photo Booth Strip Magnetic Picture Frames Photo Booth Strip Magnetic Picture Frames - Long narrow magnetic sleeve frames made for photo booth strip pictures. Use our special photo insert tool for easy use. One or two insertion tools will take care of your whole party.

Self Adhesive MagnetSelf Adhesive Magnet - Our peel and stick magnet sheeting turns any flat item into a magnet and is intended for indoor use. Peel off the paper to reveal the adhesive and stick the magnet on a photo, drawing or newspaper clipping.

Rare Earth Magnets Rare Earth Magnets - The strongest magnets available for use with magnetic paint. Neodymium disc magnets also available with safety caps in six colors.

Black and White Magnet Car Sign Sheets & Rolls 30 mil White and Black Magnet Sheeting, Cut Sheets & Rolls - Perfect for Car Sign Magnets, vent covers and shelf labels.

Magnetic Shelf Labels Magnetic Shelf Labels - Easily label filing cabinets, warehouse shelves, racks and parts bins with magnetic inventory labels and bar codes. 20 & 30 mil shelf labels, write and wipe labels and self adhesive labels.

Blank White Magnetic Car Signs and Magnet Sheets Magnetic Car Sign Holders and Car Display Signs - Available in reusable pocket style holders for paper signs, self adhesive magnets to turn any sign into a permanent magnet and blank white vinyl magnet sheets for silk screen printing or vinyl lettering and decals.

Magnetic Vent Covers Magnetic Vent Covers - Stop a draft with our custom magnetic ceiling or wall vent covers on a steel vent. Choose black or white. Each quality magnetic vent cover is custom cut to your specs.

Magnetic InkJet Paper Magnetic InkJet Paper - High quality USA made magnetic inkjet printer paper comes in standard 8.5x11 size. Buy in packs or single sheets. Print your own magnetic pictures at home.

Magnetic Business, Appointment Card Holder and Shelf Label HoldersMagnetic Business Card and Reminder Card Holder - Just like our Soft Pocket Frames but made to hold 2 inch by 3½ inch business cards. Card slips in and sticks to any steel surface. Can be mailed with a card or letter.

bumpersticker.jpg Bumper Sticker Mounts - Mount your favorite bumper stickers magnetically or with easily removable self adhesive bumper sticker mounting sheets. Just apply your favorite bumper sticker on our magnet or repositionable adhesive, trim with scissors and stick it where it will do the most good.

chalkmag.jpg Chalkboard wall panels - Stick one of our magnetic chalkboards on your wall treated with Magically Magnetic paint. Move it or remove it anytime. Or, try a self-adhesive backed chalkboard panel anywhere. Works with ordinary chalk.

Magnetic Emt-Alerts Magnetic Emt Alerts - Display life-saving medical info and emergency contact names and numbers in a magnetic holder. Information is private while the alert is highly visible. A must for any home with children and baby sitters or the elderly living alone.

Handicapped Parking Revenge Magnets Handicapped Parking Revenge Magnets - Show handicapped parking spot grabbers what you think of their shameful habit. Stick this magnetic sign on the back of their car and get your point across.

Magnets stick to Magna Mounts Magnamounts - Use a Magnamount self-adhesive mounting sheet to display your favorite photos and documents magnetically on any surface. Our frames stick to them like they stick to steel.

skimmer.jpg Screw Tight Skimmer Cover - Close off your skimmer box for repairs or winter shut-down with Screw Tight Skimmer Cover. It easily screws on or off to seal water out of the skimmer box with a rubber O-ring seal.

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The photo and art mats on these pages were created to be used free of charge by individuals for personal use only. They are copyrighted in the year 2002 by David B. Lytle and also fall under patent laws protecting his line of magnetic photo and art frames. All content is property of David B. Lytle Products Inc. The mats may be used without permission but may not be reproduced for sale or any other for profit enterprise or added to another web site.